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Corporate Strategy
GPC’s operational and financial success results from efforts to follow its Corporate Strategy in pursuit of its Mission Goal. This plan, guided by the combined experience of an internationally renowned Board of Directors, and implemented by a team of talented and dedicated professionals, contains the basic tenants for successful growth and development.

Our Strategy for Success contains the following primary factors:

Concentrating on Regional Focus
The company has historically concentrated its efforts in the Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region in which company professionals have extensive technical and operating experience and where the company has developed a network of strategic business alliances.

Acquisition of Proven Properties & Reserves
By acquiring proven producing properties from majors or larger independent oil companies the company limits its risk exposure. Such properties typically have a long production history making it possible to accurately forecast future production trends which may contain significant untested exploitation potential. Historically, it has been possible to acquire reserves at a lesser cost by purchasing them in the form of producing properties rather than acquiring them through pure exploratory efforts.

Exploration within its area of expertise
Realization that hydrocarbon systems and trapping mechanisms are proven under the older producing properties it targets for acquisition. Regional exploration activity may indicate exploratory potential beneath the old existing fields.

Effective Risk Mitigation
Utilization of numerous tools to mitigate risk and maximize success and the financial value of its successes. The most effective of these tools are:

  • Effective Evaluation
    Each project receives an extensive geological and geophysical review, with the technical data provided by the Geosciences personnel. The engineers then go to work evaluating the application of relevant technology and generating a field depletion plan. Innumerable economic scenarios are performed to determine the completion program that provides the most attractive economic return.
  • Focus on Efficiency
    Achieving excellence in production efficiency by maintaining control of expenses and serving as the operator.