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Message from the CEO
At GPC, we think we have a unique point of view. Where some may see bleak horizons, we find opportunity. Where they may see difficulty, we see a chance to test our ingenuity. Where they see adversity, we see another step toward success, and while others may fear failure, we recognize the value of a learning experience.

The opposite of a “winner” is not a “loser”, but a quitter. Therefore, ours must be an attitude of fortitude. Perseverance and performance have driven GPC from its inception into three decades of operational success and outstanding financial growth, and we will accept nothing less for the future.

The “attitude of fortitude” couples cutting edge technology and specialized techniques with streamlined procedures, implemented by the most capable professionals in our industry, to create a more efficient and effective approach for exploration, development and field operation.

Our attitude, our determination, and the valuable human resources that comprise our corporate family, will continue to inspire us and enable us to succeed in competing effectively in an expanding and increasingly international and domestic marketplace.